The Sustainable Business of the Year Award is selected annually by a vote of the WMSBF membership, honoring the local company that best represents the values of the triple-bottom line.  It is awarded each year at the Triple Bottom Line Bash.   Voting for 2017 is now open.


Aquinas College (2016)

AQUINAS COLLEGE (2016) Since Peter Wege launched the first West Michigan College Presidents’ meeting on Economicology in 1999, Aquinas College has been a leader in the integration of sustainability into campus life and academic coursework. Sustainable practices are a part of all of our operations and programming; we are especially proud of our pioneering accomplishment…

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Brewery Vivant (2015)

BREWERY VIVANT (2015) Brewery Vivant is a neighborhood brewery and restaurant founded on being a small, but influential, sustainable business. We measure and report on 15 sustainability goals annually in our “Beer the change…” report. A few highlights of our progress in 2014 include sending less than 1% of our waste to the incinerator, donating 11%…

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Organicycle (2014)

ORGANICYCLE (2014)   Organicycle began in 2011.  We provide organic waste recycling services to businesses and residents interested in ditching the dump, and incorporating zero-waste practices in the home or in their business.   Organicycle is West Michigan’s all-inclusive recycling provider specializing in curbside compost service for organic waste recycling. Through an affordable, weekly curbside service, Organicycle replaces…

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