Mercantile Bank of Michigan provides banking services to businesses, individuals and governmental units, and differentiates itself on the basis of service quality and the expertise of its banking staff. Mercantile has assets of approximately $3.0 billion and operates 49 banking offices thorughout Michigan.

As a community bank, Mercantile Bank of Michigan is focused on caring for the communities in which we live and serve. Mercantile’s definition of sustainability is the leveraging of combined abilities to ensure our ongoing impact on people, the environment and our company’s success is always focused on upholding long-lasting, positive results. Our sustainable efforts are delivered through a three-pronged strategy: Collaboration, Conservation and Contribution.

At Mercantile, we see ourselves as one team and the very act of working together allows us to reach far beyond what we could achieve individually. Our ability to collaborate, inside the organization and outside the company, generates a positive impact on individuals, organizations and entire communities. Collaboration enables us to celebrate diversity, appreciate different points of view, develop new ideas and put them into action. It takes people to collaborate and one of Mercantile’s greatest strengths is its people. To ensure our collaborative efforts remain strong and sustainable, we invest in all of our team members’ development from day one. The success of our sustainable culture is evident in our low rate of employee turnover.

Sustainability and conservation have always been a part of Mercantile’s strategic plan and is woven deeply into the fabric of how we do business. From an efficient branch footprint to utilizing the latest technology, we are continuously focused on seeking new ways to be more productive with our time and energy, while remaining good stewards of the resources to which we are entrusted.

Our company is consistently focused on creating long-term value through meaningful relationships and when this is done right, these contributions are reflected in our bottom line success. The history of our ability to grow our position in innovative ways, while remaining strong and profitable, speaks to our commitment to uphold our values and leverage our experienced team. Extending our pledge into the communities in which we live and work, we believe that invested time, money and effort also help to sustain and advance the mission of local non-profit and community organizations.

Number of Employees: 100 – 1000

Primary focus (industry) of the organization: Financial Institutions

Mercantile Bank of Michigan
310 Leonard Street NW
Grand Rapids, MI 49504
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