Following our clients’ lead, F&V is committed to sustaining our communities in ways that preserve our natural environment and support future growth that is smart and sustainable. Our staff has the experience, resources and desire to help improve our communities, our well-being and our environment – both today and in the future!

Throughout the design process, we focus on delivering a top-notched project while balancing the sustainable goals summarized by the triple bottom line. We are committed to providing:

  • A significant benefit to the communities in which we live and serve.
  • Innovative design solutions which are financially sound, considering both current costs and future operation and maintenance costs.
  • Environmentally-responsible solutions which provide realistic efficiencies and protect our current resources.

This philosophy is embraced by the engineers and architects at F&V. Our projects contain sustainable components as they relate to the protection of resources, reclamation of contaminated land, development of clean and renewable water supplies, treatment and recycling of wastewater, protection of fragile shorelines, building energy audits and hundreds of other projects. Our projects are the building blocks to effectively establishing healthy communities and improving the environmental conditions in which we live.

At F&V, we help create cleaner and safer environments, which in turn helps contribute to a better quality of life for our client communities. We continually search for ways to protect and enhance economic and societal vitality and preserve environmental resources for future generations.


To put this philosophy into action, we established a Task Force to regularly train and promote sustainable concepts to our staff. This group provides assistance on a variety of topics including:

  • Techniques for improving efficiencies in building construction.
  • Emerging technologies such as wind, solar and geothermal energy.
  • Renewable energies such as biogas and biomass as a combined heat and power (CHP) source.
  • The availability and applicability of LED lighting.
  • Renewable Energy Contracts (REC).
  • LEED Certification and training.

Our proven innovation in award-winning projects has led to a commitment to continually explore new methodologies.


The implementation of our sustainable approach has been evidenced in the awards our firm and our clients have received for projects that were lauded for their innovative and exemplary applications, sustainable development, efficiencies, and public perception. F&V received several awards for both Engineering and Surveying excellence from the American Council of Engineering Companies – MI.

Number of Employees: 100 – 1,000

Primary focus (industry) of the organization: Professional Services

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