logo-11Calvin College is a top-ranked liberal arts college in Grand Rapids, Mich. that prepares students to be Christ’s agents of renewal in the world. Through rigorous academic study and intentional Christian community, students learn to think deeply, act justly and live wholeheartedly in everything that they do.

Calvin College offers several courses of study geared toward environmentalism and sustainability, including environmental geology, environmental sciences, and environmental studies.  Beyond academics, the Calvin College community supports a range of initiatives geared toward stewardship of the natural world.  Plaster Creek Stewards is a collaboration of Calvin College faculty, staff, and students working with local schools, churches, and community partners to restore the health and beauty of the Plaster Creek watershed.  Additionally, the Calvin Environmental Assessment Program (CEAP) encourages an ethic of service and care taking by helping students pay attention to that which is closest at hand – the air, wildlife, wetlands, and human communities that surround them.

Student organizations and opportunities, such as the Student Renewable Energy Organization, also provide an extracurricular outlet for students to engage in stewardship and active participation in on-campus sustainability efforts at Calvin.


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