Organicycle began in 2011.  We provide organic waste recycling services to businesses and residents interested in ditching the dump, and incorporating zero-waste practices in the home or in their business.   Organicycle is West Michigan’s all-inclusive recycling provider specializing in curbside compost service for organic waste recycling. Through an affordable, weekly curbside service, Organicycle replaces commercial and residential trash by offering single stream organic waste collection that accepts 100% of food, yard, paper and pet waste.

Organicycle’s zero waste business solutions provides commercial customers with other convenient services such as secure document shredding and recycling;   The Zero Waste Academy, which provides on-site organic waste recycling training for your business’ zero waste efforts; recyclable transport services, offering low-cost collection services for large amount of post-consumer and recyclable materials; and dual-stream event services that provide recycling and compost services for public events.

At Organicycle, we pride ourselves in providing excellent customer service and supporting your zero waste initiative.