Brewery Vivant is a neighborhood brewery and restaurant founded on being a small, but influential, sustainable business. We measure and report on 15 sustainability goals annually in our “Beer the change…” report. A few highlights of our progress in 2014 include sending less than 1% of our waste to the incinerator, donating 11% of our profits and 233 volunteer hours to local charitable organizations, and reducing our energy intensity by 17%, mostly due to purchasing 100% renewably generated electricity.

We are Grand Rapids’ 4th Certified B Corporation which is a company structure that uses the power of business to solve social and environmental problems. This certification is like our building’s LEED Certification, but instead of focusing on one aspect of our business, it focuses on our entire operation. We are also a Certified Bicycle Friendly Business and we promote alternative forms of transportation through biannual rides between Vivant and Rockford Brewing Company, sponsoring Active Commute Week every May and co-hosting a pub run once a month with Gazelle Sports.

In 2015, we initiated the creation of a sustainability committee through the Michigan Brewer’s Guild. Our goal is to elevate the level of sustainable business and brewing practices throughout the state’s many craft breweries by providing online resources and opportunities to share best practices. We are also actively working on initiatives to decrease our water footprint, realize our commitment to onsite renewable energy, and support urban agriculture & education about food systems with local children.