Event Review

November Review: Robertson and Swain

West Michigan Sustainable Business Forum presented a luncheon on social responsibility in the supply chain and other topics for its November membership meeting at Grand Rapids Public Museum on Monday, November 16.

Featured speakers were Sean Ansett, principal of At Stake Advisors, and Dale Robertson, President and CEO of the Grand Rapids Public Museum.

More on Ansett’s presentation here.

Below are select slides from Robertson’s presentation on sustainability-driven initiatives underway at GRPM, including its educational partnerships and role in the Grand River restoration project.


The meeting concluded with a presentation for Clothing Matters proprietor Marta Swain on the new documentary True Cost.


See Metro Health Garden at Monday’s WMSBF Meeting on Local Food

Metro Health Hospital Executive Chef Ryan Reynolds will be talking about the Metro Health garden as part of his presentation on local food purchasing at Monday’s WMSBF meeting.  Tours available. 

Learn more and register here.

Event Review

February 11 Monthly Meeting & 2013 Essay Contest

February 11, 2013; 12:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m
WMSBF Monthly Meeting

Eastern Avenue Christian Reformed Church
514 Eastern Ave. SE, Grand Rapids

Matt VanSweden, Integrated Architecture, will lead a presentation and discussion on Living Building Challenge, https://ilbi.org:

  • PHILOSOPHY, ADVOCACY PLATFORM AND CERTIFICATION PROGRAM.  Because it defines priorities on both a technical level and as a set of core values, it is engaging the broader building industry in the deep conversations required to truly understand how to solve problems rather than shift them.
  • an EVOCATIVE GUIDE. By identifying an ideal and positioning that ideal as the indicator of success, the Challenge inspires project teams to reach decisions based on restorative principles instead of searching for ‘least common denominator’ solutions. This approach brings project teams closer to the objectives we are collectively working to achieve.
  • BEACON. With a goal to increase awareness, it is tackling critical environmental, social and economic problems, such as: the rise of persistent toxic chemicals; climate change; habitat loss; the collapse of domestic manufacturing; global trade imbalances; urban sprawl; and the lack of community distinctiveness.
  • a UNIFIED TOOL. Addressing development at all scales, it can be equally applied to landscape and infrastructure projects; partial renovations and complete building renewals; new building construction; and neighborhood, campus and community design.
  • PERFORMANCE-BASED STANDARD. Decidedly not a checklist of best practices, the Challenge leads teams to embrace regional solutions and respond to a number of variables, including climate factors and cultural characteristics.

He’ll introduce a group that has formed in Grand Rapids, who has taken this Challenge and added a little West Michigan flair.  Join us as we explore how business, both small and large, can – and should – take on this challenge.

Sponsors for this meeting are Integrated Architecture, Eastern Avenue Christian Reformed Church & the Grand Rapids Urban League.

If you would like to attend this meeting, you must register by email to llocke@wmsbf.org by Thursday, February 7. Cost of attending is $10 for members/$15 for non-members. Payment may be made by cash or check at the event or by credit card in advance through the home page of our website, Programs & Events/Monthly Meetings on the top menu, http://www.wmsbf.org.  A $1 additional processing charge is included for credit card payments.