Su Paauwe (2015)

rmmdxb7amkugzednftrlhnpzfresgbqiecd65lagj2xzldgobjw2zwbpnluz3admp3p3jqw1568-h1033_-_copyNow a Senior Consultant at Environmental Resources Management, Su has been a forum member representative at three different companies, including founding member Donnelly. She has been on the board for more years than we actually have records for…at least 12, and has served as president twice.  She was the first chair of what was then called the Technical Committee, which wrote the Concise Guide to Sustainable Commerce.  She spoke about the guide for the American Embassy and American Consulate in Madrid and Barcelona on Earth Day.  She also started the Lakeshore Safety and Environmental Network 30 years ago to assist companies with safety and environmental networking.

Su has over thirty five years of experience in the fields of safety and environment. She specializes in ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 implementation and auditing, as well as environmental, health, and safety compliance auditing. She was a lead auditor at an international registrar company. In this role, she audited companies for conformance with ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001, as well as wrote audit plans for audit teams and conducted technical reviews. She has implemented ISO 14001 and/or OHSAS 18001 systems at various facilities across the US, Mexico, and Europe. Su has also assisted in documenting Food Safety Management System Manuals and Standard Operating Procedures for ISO 22000 FSMS and has obtained her certificate for ISO 22000 Lead Auditor.