Tom Fehsenfeld

b9323831374z-1_20160916093820_000_ggjfnqqbv-1-0In 1989, Tom Fehsenfeld became President of Crystal Flash, a company that was founded by his grandfather in 1930.

Tom’s roots and knowledge of the industry have played an integral role in helping to establish Crystal Flash Energy as a leader in renewable and recycled fuels for home heat, industrial, farm, commercial, and municipal customers. For example, the company’s BioDiesel, BioDiesel XC, and Recycled Oil products conserve valuable resources, reduce emissions and provide a healthier environment for all to enjoy. In every year since 2007, the company has made an even stronger commitment to the environment by performing a study of greenhouse gas emission in its own operations.

Tom Fehsenfeld holds a PhD from Walden University and is active in numerous community and environmental organizations.