Odom Re-Use is a full service salvage, deconstruction and retail building materials operation in northern Michigan. We are dedicated to re-use in our work.

We believe waste reduction can be part of normal daily commerce, and operate our business in this manner.  Serving building owners from institutional, commercial and residential sites, we bring value to our customers in allowing them access to materials that might have been otherwise lost, and giving these materials another life.

Through our services at Odom Re-Use, we have diverted over 5 million pounds of material out of the waste stream since we opened. We hold ourselves up as a model of waste reduction in the building industry. Furthermore, we use re-used, local, low or non-toxic products wherever possible, recycle 90% of our in-house waste, and try to educate our customers on reuse everyday through workshops and tours.

Odom Re-Use
1029 4 Mile NW
Grand Rapids, MI 49544

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Bruce Odom