01-13_srg_logo_color_wm-311SRG is dedicated to identifying, documenting, and improving business performance by using principles that move our clients to and beyond “green” to become economically sound, environmentally healthy, and socially responsible.

Traditional thinking is that economic growth and development come at the expense of environmental quality. However, traditional thinking need not be true. Thanks to the skills and insight of the staff at Sustainable Research Group, a new and positive relationship is emerging between business and the environment by incorporating sustainable business practices.

How We Can Help:

  • Engage our experienced sustainability staff to achieve your goals
  • Chart a course through the rapidly changing sustainability imperative
  • Improve your access to the “Green Customer”
  • Employ sustainable business practices to reduce operating costs
  • Validate your green marketing claims
  • Reduce your company’s environmental footprint

Number of Employees: 3 to 10

Primary focus (industry) of the organization:

Sustainable Research Group
PO Box 1684
Grand Rapids, MI 49501

Forum Representative:

Bill Stough