sustainability_logo1At Re-coat Recycled Paint, a division of RepcoLite Paints, Inc., we are committed to recycling unwanted, leftover latex paint. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the U.S. discards almost 69 million gallons of paint every single year. Sadly, much of that paint is disposed of because it’s not needed or wanted, not because it’s unusable.  Still worse, many of those gallons are disposed of incorrectly and in a manner that is not environmentally responsible. Re-coat Recycled Paint is West Michigan’s answer to this problem.

By running recycling programs at RepcoLite Paint stores throughout West Michigan, we have collected nearly 50,000 gallons of unwanted latex paint from homeowners, organizations, businesses, and painting contractors. In rare occasions, if the collected paint cannot be salvaged, we use a hardening agent that renders it safe for disposal. If the paint is usable, we sort it into color families, run it through an intensive straining process, and add up to 49% new, high quality materials.  The end result is an economical, premium quality re-processed paint that is ready for use on any interior wall. It’s an economical paint that covers remarkably well, is self-priming, and comes in a washable, eggshell finish.

However, what truly separates Re-coat Recycled Paint from other recycled paint manufacturers is our color palette.  Chosen by professional designers, our 20 colors provide confidence to even the most reluctant decorator since any combination of colors (even a random selection) will produce dramatic, modern results.

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