progressiveae1Progressive AE is an award-winning, interdisciplinary team of creative people who think strategically and strategic people who think creatively, designing spaces and systems that produce measurable results in the way people work and the way businesses perform in the built environment.

We believe that structures and systems should give back—in human, business, and financial performance. That’s why we hold ourselves accountable for delivering measurable results for our clients. We dig deeply into our clients’ operations to determine what they need, how they can perform better, and how they define success—which could mean more collaboration, better workflow, leaner performance, improved sustainability, lower costs, or increased revenues. And we put numbers to those goals.

We call it Performance-Based Design and we integrate that thinking into our design process. We’re proud of the hundreds of awards our designs have earned—but the real reward is that our environments improve the work, life, and bottom line of those who use them.

Progressive AE
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