nichols11We began our journey more than five years ago when we noticed that the green cleaning movement within our industry seemed to be gaining momentum again.  We knew we had to formalize a program and the task of doing that was overwhelming so we engaged in a relationship with The Ashkin Group to help us through that process.  Our approach to green cleaning with our customers was to have a holistic approach and we wanted to help them with more than just green products – anyone could do that.

Nichols had been exposed to sustainability concepts through its involvement in the West Michigan Sustainable Business Forum for the past 12 or more years and as a supplier to the office furniture industry.  In order to build our credibility however, we needed to demonstrate our commitment to sustainability.

With more than 550 manufacturers in our industry producing products that meet 3rd party green certification, green cleaning products are plentiful.

Nichols is proud to represent many of the manufacturers in our industry that are leading the way with sustainable products to purchase.  We rely on our suppliers to continue to research new reliable technologies, engage in sustainable practices within their organization, provide environmental impact information at the product level, provide training tools and support for our clients by being part of the team.

In our Enterprise System and our web-based eBusiness Center the green products that we stock are identified by two levels:  1) 3rd party certified green products and 2) green products that are not 3rd party certified however support a green cleaning program (ie: microfiber cloths)

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