Mull-It-Over Products invented and manufactures an innovative sound barrier mullion trim cap that minimizes sound transfer between rooms in buildings with glass facades. Glass building facades are beautiful while allowing for natural light and views, but a common complaint is that they are noisy. The problem lies with the transition detail between the interior partition walls and the exterior glass walls. Even though the interior partition walls are properly constructed, sound and fire can flank between rooms around the drywall partition through the light gauge, hollow aluminum mullion framing that supports the glass. Mull-It-Over Products invented a trim cap that is simple to install, durable and effective at blocking sound and fire from easily “leaking” between rooms Installation of Mull-It-Over sound barrier mullion trim caps increases the STC rating of the wall/mullion assembly to STC 60 and has 1 hour fire rated and 2 hour fire rated options. This enables architects to capture the benefits of designing with exterior glass facades while improving building performance for happier clients, improved safety, higher productivity and better confidentiality. Mull-It-Over Products has finally solved the interior partition wall to glass curtain wall transition detail.

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