ledgreenlight1LED GreenLight International is pleased to offer you a comprehensive and financially compelling LED lighting retrofit solution for your company’s space. LED GreenLight is prepared to provide you the industry’s finest LED lighting package option in a single turn-key solution.

LED lighting is a new, disruptive technology that is reshaping the landscape for commercial, retail and institutional space illumination. It’s not just about lighting a retail space and saving energy and resources. It’s about marketing, branding, and creating an inviting, profitable retail environment. Product presentation and educational experience thru lighting strongly influence the subconscious impulse drivers of individuals. The pure, clean, and energy-efficient illumination produced by LED GreenLight’s industry-leading LED lighting solutions will positively contribute to revitalizing your space and help deliver an energetic, positive experience.

In addition we offer the most advanced LED lighting systems available for retrofitting your interior spaces to LED lighting, which includes Consulting Services, Installation Services, Turn-key Solutions, Business Case Development, Rebate Management, and Financing Options.
LED GreenLight approaches the strategic process of LED Lighting consultation by partnering with our customers to fully understand their unique objectives and desired outcomes. LED GreenLight will provide a broad range of LED lighting and custom manufacturing solutions to fit your unique needs. LED GreenLight is uniquely positioned to offer your company the following strategic advantages:

  • Advanced Technology
  • We are the only company to offer a complete line of True T-Series tube sizes for 8’ to 2’ tube lengths. LED GreenLight is the only participant in this RFI which has been manufacturing these LED tube lamp sizes longer than anyone in the LED lighting industry.
  • LED Green Light offers the only LED tube lamp with an efficacy of 155 lumens per watt.
  • LED GreenLight products deliver the highest energy savings currently possible. We can de-lamp 2 fluorescent lamps for 1 LED lamp at 50% energy savings while delivering equivalent/better foot-candle illumination.
  • LED GreenLight is the only LED lighting manufacturer providing >90 CRI (Color Rendering Index) LED lighting.
  • LED GreenLight is the only LED tube lamp producing a 210° beam angle of illumination. This means Walmart’ retail spaces will appear fully and evenly illuminated.
  • LED GreenLight holds a US patent for its’ LED tube lamps. Our patent completely covers the design and use of LED tube lamps powered by an external LED driver. Our lamp designs do not infringe on any patents, and therefore do not carry forward any potential for hidden future Patent infringement liability (IES) along with any attendant service and warranty related issues.
  • We offer the industry’s only non-prorated, full-replacement, 7-year warranty on our LED Lamps and Drivers.
  • Our LED lamps are maintenance-free and are expected to provide a trouble-free service-life of ten (10) years or greater before reaching L70 status.
  • Total Cost of Ownership is less than half, when compared to our closest competitor, due to our innovative and patented technology resulting in far superior lamp/driver service-life.

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