Thriving on innovation while building on foundations of experience, JR Automation Technologies, LLC has become a leading capital equipment designer, integrator, and manufacturer throughout the world. Since 1980, we have designed and built solutions for our customers in the form of machines that exemplify and execute lean thinking. We’ve built thousands of machines in our 35 year history and are always looking forward to the next challenge.

With several recent expansions in Holland, JR Automation is growing to meet customer demand and is focused on staying at the forefront of the automation industry.

As we grow, we know it’s important to consider our environmental impact. JR’s Green Team is a group of employees dedicated to promoting and facilitating sustainable practices at JR Automation through implementation, education, and exemplification. The JR Green Team began in 2015 with a few employees looking for ways to reduce waste by implementing multiple types of recycling around the offices and shop floors. The team continues to seek ways to help promote sustainable practices throughout the JR facilities.

JR Automation Technologies, LLC

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