Green is an environmental project based nonprofit organization that helps Michigan residents, businesses, and organizations to live and operate in a more sustainable manner. We strive to help businesses and organizations along with the public to reach sustainability goals using a triple bottom line approach. Every entity and individual we have assisted in the past have had unique individual goals but surprisingly, many goals have been similar. After years of successfully consulting to solve sustainability challenges on a case-by-case basis, we are excited to embark on our first statewide project that is focused on helping much more within our community. Our research demonstrates that the citizens in Michigan need an informational database that provides comprehensive and accurate resources on various sustainability topics such as recycling, parks, and local farms throughout the state. They are also in need of a recycling center that offers services not offered by municipalities and other companies.
Our organization’s goals include the following services to the community:

Create a recycling/disassembly/donation center for all size organizations, and individuals to increase Michigan’s recycling while creating a circular economy and providing employment opportunities.

Create a center that can disassemble consumer goods to capture materials to be upcycled, or recycled. By creating this process we can give companies a process to capture their own materials to use back in their manufacturing processes.
Create the center to capture materials and give all non-profits access to this material for free to help their cause along with quality donated goods
Creating an outlet for non-profits as a next step to train labor for quality job placement.
Creating an option for all size organizations (including businesses, nonprofits, individuals, and educational institutions) to be able to recycle almost anything for zero to no more cost than they are spending today. All this and being completely transparent with all expenses and revenue of their materials. This does include picking up materials from organizations, not general public.
Create an opportunity for places like Mel Trotter, Goodwill, and the Holland Rescue Mission among many others to send people to be trained in a manufacturing setting to help them find better employment and make a living.
By focusing on recycling we will distribute donations and electronics them at zero cost to places like Comprenew, Goodwill, Habitat for Humanity,

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