Our Vision 

A Council of Governments dedicated to enhancing the quality of life of the people of our metropolitan area through collaboration among regional partners.

Our Mission 

The mission of the Grand Valley Metropolitan Council is to advance the current and future well-being of our metropolitan area by bringing together public and private sectors to cooperatively advocate, plan for, and coordinate the provision of services and investments which have environmental, economic and social impact.

In pursuit of this mission, it is understood that the well-being of the metropolitan community relies on good government and springs from a shared vision that encompasses many elements, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Preparing now for the challenges of the future
  • Planning for orderly growth and development
  • Minimizing urban sprawl
  • Preserving and enhancing the natural, social, and physical environments
  • Promoting economic vitality and employment opportunities
  • Equitably sharing responsibility for community needs
  • Recognizing the strengths and benefits of diversity
  • Promoting quality lifelong educational opportunities
  • Promoting quality cultural and recreational institutions and facilities
  • Developing a sensible and environmentally sound transportation system to serve all population groups
  • Vigilantly preserving the health and safety of the general public
  • Effectively utilizing and enhancing existing infrastructure
  • Eliminating unnecessary duplication of services
  • Effectively advocating for financial equity and other assistance with the State and Federal governments
  • Conserving and enhancing healthy neighborhoods, business districts and employment centers
  • Promoting a high quality of life now and for future generations




The Lower Grand River Organization of Watersheds (LGROW) is an agency of GVMC that brings together local municipalities and community stakeholders in a unique format to address watershed issues facing the Lower Grand River and its watersheds. LGROW promotes community education and sustainable use of our river resource. LGROW is committed to making the watershed an ongoing resource for all of us.


Discover and restore all water resources and celebrate our shared water legacy throughout our entire Grand River Watershed community.

Our Vision for the Watershed:

Swimming, drinking, fishing, and enjoying our Grand River Watershed: Connecting water with life.

Forum Representative:

Wendy Ogilvie
Director of Environmental Programs

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