corplogosize_224x2411Gordon Food Service started in 1897 as a one-man operation, using a horse-drawn cart to deliver eggs and butter in Grand Rapids. Our foundation was based on community service, working with local farmers to ensure a steady supply of quality products to grocers. From this beginning, we developed a strong appreciation for the land used to grow the food that sustains us. It also helped build personal ties to the people we met along the way.

Over 115 years and several generations later, Gordon Food Service has become the largest family-managed foodservice distributor in North America. We’ve grown to include thousands of employees working daily with restaurants, schools, hospitals, senior care centers, other foodservice operators, and store customers to provide quality food, reliable products, and expert advice.

Maintaining a relationship-centered way of doing business has been a constant in a world filled with change. We care about the people we interact with and employ. We also recognize the importance of protecting the resources we use while conducting our business. Every decision we make affects our family of customers, employees, suppliers, and communities where we live and work.

The Gordon Food Service Statements of Direction outline three objectives used to guide our work:

  • Ensure corporate sustainability
  • Minimize environmental impact
  • Promote social responsibility

These objectives guide our corporate stewardship. They hold us accountable for maintaining practices and making decisions with the future in mind—the future of our business, the people we work with and employ, and our planet.

Our Home Office in Grand Rapids, exemplifies our commitment to stewardship and sustainability. In 2015, the building obtained LEED Silver Certification from the U.S. Green Building Council for meeting or exceeding design and construction standards in five categories:

  • Sustainable site development: Bicycle parking and storage; reserved parking for low-emission vehicles; and vegetated live rooftops.
  • Water savings: Water-efficient landscaping, including sensors to measure soil moisture and prevent overwatering; and low-flow plumbing fixtures.
  • Energy efficiency: Energy-efficient geothermal wells used for the heating and air conditioning system; parking lot lights that dim during periods of inactivity.
  • Materials selection: Use of recycled material and wood from sustainable forests; local sourcing of construction materials; construction waste routed to recyclers.
  • Indoor environmental quality: High-performance window glass that prevents heat gain in summer and heat loss in winter; lights that dim or shut off when not in use; adjustable workstation air-flow vents; automated blinds to adjust to sunlight.

LEED Silver distinction puts our 384,000-square-foot Home Office in an elite group of large buildings in Michigan. More importantly, it demonstrates to the people who work there, the customers we serve, and the community at large that we are committed to operational efficiencies and promoting a healthy working and living environment.

Gordon Food ServiceHome Office Fisheye
1300 Gezon Parkway SW
Wyoming, MI 49509

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