Fair Lake Farm is located on 43 acres near Delton in Barry County Michigan. It consists of a second 80 acre companion farm and a 2 acre permaculture operation called Cedar Creek Permaculture Farm. Fair Lake Farm is in its third year of full time operation, and has been owned by Brian Shultz for the past 21 years. The farm was incorporated as an LLC two years ago, shortly after Brian’s retirement from a career in vocational education that culminated as the Manager of Sustainable Construction and Renewable Energy at Grand Rapids Community College. Fair Lake Farm grows hay and raises grass fed pastured beef using sustainable/organic/natural farming practices. This includes rotational grazing, organic fertilizers, no pesticides, no herbicides, no growth hormones, no routinely administered anti-biotics, and no GMO’s. The cattle are processed in a USDA inspected facility and are sold by the quarter to customers interested in healthy lean beef that is good for people and good for the environment. Limited retail marketing is currently done, but it is an area under consideration for future expansion.

The principles of sustainable construction and energy conservation/renewable energy are continually being researched, implemented, and practiced at Fair Lake Farm. Buildings are constructed using passive solar principles, extra insulation, natural local materials, and recycled materials. Fifty percent of our heat is provided by wood sustainably harvested from the property. We process this wood on a saw mill into lumber and fire wood.

We purchase food locally and organically as much as possible. Cedar Creek Permaculture has planted 1 ½ acres into a perennial food forest for sustainable food production for ourselves and for resale.
Future plans include an earth sheltered, year-round, aquaponics greenhouse heated and powered by a wood gasification co-generation unit. Fish, market produce, and wintertime cattle feed will be produced in the greenhouse. We are also reviving a large hundred year old apple/pear orchard, located in one of our pastures, to produce organic cider.
Customers and the public are always welcome to arrange a tour of the farm to inspect the pastures, cattle, facilities, and operation.

Fair Lake Farm
2105 Pifer Rd
Delton, MI 49046Fair Lake Farm

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