disher31Disher Design & Development is an industry leader in Discovery, Engineering and Design, and Manufacturing Technical Services. Our Design, Engineering, and Consulting services provide solutions from concept to production. We have a consistent track-record of developing award-winning, successful products for many Fortune 1000 companies. In fact, the chances are, the chair you sit in, the car you drive, the boat you ride in, or the toys your kids play with have either been designed in part by our team of product development experts or produced by manufacturing processes that we helped develop.

Our mission at Disher is “to make a positive difference.” One of the obvious ways to do this is through our stewardship of the environment. We do this first hand by encouraging our team to work on community volunteer projects, such cleaning up rivers, maintaining hiking trails, etc. Disher has also been involved with customer-driven sustainability projects, such as the development of “green” products. Many of our customers request our assistance to help develop their products with the smallest possible footprint.

Within the West Michigan region, we have also spread information through presentations to professional groups regarding design for dis-assembly and other important topics. Another specific emphasis has been assisting companies with packaging-related sustainability projects. We also have the in-house capability to assist companies on lean and continuous improvement projects, which can benefit the environment through the elimination of waste, as well as, ideation and refinement of sustainable product ideas by our Industrial Designers.

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