Who We Are

We’re a community-centered family distribution business leading the way in energy supply and recycling. Our mission is to bring the energy that powers your success.

Our Heritage and Core Values

  • …integrity in everything we do
  • …safety for people and the environment
  • …customer service provided in a caring and professional way
  • …open communications, teamwork, and diversity are the way we win
  • …financial responsibility means treating the company’s assets as if they were our own

What We Plan to Accomplish

Serve the entire Great Lakes Region.

Environmental Policy

Consistent with its mission of “continuously improving environmental and safety performance,” Crystal Flash Energy’s Environmental Policy is as follows:

As a company on a journey toward environmentally sustainable practices, we commit to reducing our environmental impact by complying with all applicable environmental laws and regulations, continual improvement of our environmental management system, pollution prevention in our operations, and education of our stakeholders concerning our company-wide efforts to improve the environments in which we live and conduct business.

We will adhere to our commitment by acquiring, processing, using, and distributing a wide variety of energy related products for homes and businesses, and by continuously increasing their recycled and renewable content. We will do so in a financially and environmentally responsible manner and in accordance with applicable environmental laws and regulations and Crystal Flash Energy’s strategic plan.  We will provide information to customers and team members about their environmental impact.

Crystal Flash – Fuels on the Move
1754 Alpine Ave NW
Grand Rapids, MI 49504

Forum Representatives:

Natalya Zaytseva, Director of Marketing

John Ertle, VP of Supply

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