ce11Our environmental stewardship story stretches back more than a century to when our company’s founders utilized the flow of Michigan rivers to bring the life-changing benefits of electric power to communities scattered across our fledgling state. To us, sustainability means operating with a fundamental commitment to leave our company, state and world better then we found them. Pursuing sustainability requires viewing corporate and individual decisions through a broad lens to consider how they impact not only financial performance, but people and the planet, too. Consumers Energy is committed to understanding and enhancing its sustainability performance.

To accomplish this, we are working with Sustainalytics, a company that specializes in sustainability analysis to help us measure how we rank in sustainability performance as compared to peers around the country. At the end of 2012, Sustainalytics determined our sustainability performance was in 2nd quartile compared to our peers. In 2013, we implemented a companywide sustainability plan and established a corporate sustainability breakthrough goal. To date, we have advanced to first quartile sustainability performance compared to our peers.

Today, 10 percent of the power we generate comes from Michigan-based renewable sources including hydro, wind, biomass, landfill gas and anaerobic digestion. We’re well positioned to meet the state’s new 15 percent renewable energy standard. We are expanding our wind energy generation portfolio and tapping the sun through our Solar Gardens program. In 2016, the company closed seven of our oldest coal-fired generating plants. Between 2007 and 2017, $1.3 billion in air quality control systems will be constructed to make Michigan’s environment cleaner by further reducing power plant emissions. This investment in equipment will include selective catalytic reduction and flue gas desulfurization technology, to further reduce emissions of sulfur dioxide (SO2) and acid gasses, nitrogen oxides (NOx), particulate matter (PM) and mercury (Hg). By 2020, we plan to reduce total sulfur dioxide emissions by 92%, nitrogen dioxide emissions by 89%, mercury by 83% and particulate emissions by 98%.  The substantial investments in the environmental program are also expected to create more than 2,000 construction jobs as well as improve the environment.

Consumers Energyline-workers2

4000 Clay Ave. SW
Grand Rapids, MI 49548

Forum Representative:

Karen McCarthy
Community Affairs Manager
O: 616.530.4333

Douglas Tamboer
Sustainability Director
O: 517-788-2031

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