Our company provides large gravity-fed water tanks for all kinds of outdoor events. We offer two sizes of water tanks; 125 gallon WaterMonster tanks and 10 gallon water tanks. Our main and most popular product is the 125 gallon WaterMonster tanks which hold an equivalent of 1,000 16 oz water bottles and have six individual self-serving spigots along with various add-on accessories. We have a small inventory of 10 gallon water tanks to supplement areas that require water but not in the quantities supplied by our larger tanks. These tanks are made from food grade materials and are NSF-61 compliant. Our goals for providing this service are to: reduce plastic water bottle waste by encouraging the use of reusable water containers and to improve bulk water distribution for events. Our 125 gallon tanks are free standing and can be placed on almost any flat surface and can be filled via a potable water truck or trailer or through a city water connection. Chillin’It! Event Water Solutions is a licensed potable water hauler for the State of Michigan. Each WaterMonster tank stand 6 feet tall at the lid and 12 feet tall with the water flag allowing for great visibility in large crowds or events. Our tanks also allow for event organizers to sell sponsorship to advertisers to offset, eliminate or possibly earn additional revenue for the event. Sponsors can have their logos or messages attached to the tanks for targeted marketing to users or we can have custom wraps made with sponsors logos that are reusable for years for long term sponsorship agreements.

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