We are a craft brewery and brasserie located in the East Hills neighborhood. We get inspiration from the small farmhouse breweries that dot the countryside in Southern Belgium and Northern France. We take notes from their artistic approach to brewing and explore our interpretations of traditional styles using a mix of old world and new world ingredients and methods.

img_9956Sustainability is a word that gets talked about a lot, and in our opinion often times gets misrepresented. Instead of debating what the true meaning of it is, we thought we would just share what it means to us. Being a truly sustainable company means that we consider the impact of our decisions on the natural environment, the people that may be affected, and the financial health of our business. We want to balance all of these areas to operate our business with a long term approach. Each year we publish a sustainability report that highlights our progress towards our goals. Check out our Sustainability page on our website for details!

Brewery Vivant
925 Cherry St. SE
Grand Rapids, Michigan 49506

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