at-stake5-2At Stake Advisors can help your organization develop an integrated sustainability strategy that responds to your core competence, stakeholders’ needs and leverage opportunities to innovate your organization’s processes, strategy and products. Stakeholder expectations continue to evolve, re-defining the role of business in society and raising the stakes. Understanding how these new expectations can impact your organization can help you preserve your brand image, recruit and retain employees, maintain license to operate and do the right thing. We are a sustainability consultancy committed to developing innovative solutions to enable sustainable business growth.

At Stake Advisors has advised clients such as American Eagle Outfitters, the Better Cotton Initiative, Burberry, CODESPA Foundation, Dallas Cowboys, Ethical Trading Initiative, European Commission, Fair Labor Association, Fairphone, First Group PLC, Gap Inc., the Global Fund, the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition, Grupo Calvo, International Labor Organization Better Factories, INDITEX, LaborVoices, Liberty&Justice Clothing, Made-By, Next, Responsible Ecosystems Sourcing Platform, Social Accountability International, Bangladesh Accord, Top Shop/ Top Man, UNCTAD, University of Cambridge, UK., Primark and others.

Services include:
• Stakeholder engagement strategy development
• Sustainability strategy development
• Supply chain and human rights due diligence programs
• Design Thinking Workshops
• Multistakeholder partnership brokering
• Supply chain traceability
• Professional stakeholder facilitation
• Internal capacity building and training

At Stake Advisors taps into its wide stakeholder and professional network to get the right people with the right expertise to deliver effective, quality and practical solutions that positively impact your business or organization.

At Stake Advisors Founder Sean Ansett Bio:
Sean with over 20 years experience in sustainability provides strategic advice to corporations, social enterprise start-ups, UN agencies and non-profit organisations on ethical trade, human rights and environmental sustainability globally through his organisation At Stake Advisors. Additionally, he was Executive Director of the Bangladesh Safety Accord and is Chief Sustainability Officer at Fairphone, Acting Board Chair of Liberty&Justice Clothing and a Senior Associate University of Cambridge Programme for Sustainability Leadership. Sean Ansett was the Director of Corporate Responsibility at Burberry in London. Previously, Sean was the Director of Global Partnerships at Gap Inc. where he led Gap Inc.’s social responsibility and stakeholder engagement strategy related to labor, environmental and human rights issues. He was the chief architect behind the company’s stakeholder engagement strategy significantly enhanced the company’s reputation.

He has served on several global multi-stakeholder initiatives including the Advisory Board of Social Accountability International, the Global Reporting Initiative’s G3 expert committee, the Ethical Trading Initiative, a founding member of the MFA Forum and UNCTAD’s committee for integrating CSR indicators in financial reporting. Sean has contributed and is quoted in Bloomberg, Financial Times and the Wall Street Journal. He has published in numerous academic journals including MIT-Sloan Management review. Sean contributed as a sustainability expert in two General Electric corporate responsibility reports. Sean is a returned United States Peace Corps and World Food Program volunteer. Sean has a Masters degree in Sustainability Leadership, University of Cambridge, a Master’s of Science degree in Business Administration and is fluent in Spanish.

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