Youssef Darwich
Grand Valley State University, Natural Resource Management Major

cropcropYoussef is a junior at Grand Valley State University, studying Natural Resource Management and Plant Biology.  Originally from the east side of Michigan, Youssef graduated from Hartland High School in Hartland, MI.

Youssef is a member of the Honors College at Grand Valley, and is also president of the GVSU Farm Club, where he promotes an understanding of sustainable farming, ecological restoration, and farm management and marketing techniques.    Among his most recent accomplishments, Youssef was named a West Michigan Sustainable Business Fellow at the 2014 Green Leaders Essay Competition.  In his career, Youssef aspires to design landscapes and management practices that sustainably provide the resources demanded by society.  In his further engagement with design, landscape architecture, and farming, Youssef aims to be an educator, teaching people the tangible benefits of incorporating functional ecology
in their everyday lives.