5 Lakes Energy is a Michigan-based policy consulting firm offering services in clean energy and the environment to the public and private sector. We provide the strategic pathways that enable and accelerate adoption of clean energy technologies and sustainable practices.

Michigan’s manufacturing legacy combined with our skilled workforce and unique university strengths gives our state the advantage in the race to lead the national clean energy economy. 5 Lakes Energy supports the burgeoning clean energy economy in both the public and private sectors.

Opportunities in the private sector include making connections for companies seeking to diversify into clean energy technologies and building a base for Michigan companies expanding in the renewable arena. To continue efficiency improvements, 5 Lakes can educate companies on energy efficiency possibilities and direct companies to resources for those improvements.

Clean energy opportunities in Michigan will grow faster with cross-cutting collaborations. 5 Lakes Energy will identify and create funding opportunities, help educate policy makers, and identify strategic pathways that benefit and support Michigan companies.

5 Lakes Energy partners are leaders who have had primary roles in the shaping of Michigan’s nation leading clean energy, energy efficiency and “greening” policies during the last several formative years.

5 Lakes Energy
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Lansing MI 48933

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