GreenHome Institute and West Michigan Sustainable Business Forum, in partnership with Kent County Department of Public Works and Home Builders Association of Greater Grand Rapids, is conducting a study of recycling adoption and characterization of solid waste among West Michigan home builders.

Part of a countywide effort to reduce local landfill receipts 20% by 2020, the study will be used to quantify the potential value of recyclable waste material generated from the construction of single-family homes and to identify the barriers that make it difficult for homebuilders to recycle. Study findings will be used to develop resources for local builders to expand recycling efforts and market those improvements to clients.   A similar study can be found here.

There are a variety of ways to participate:

  • Share you opinions on recycling through an interview or survey.
  • Provide waste data on recent projects.
  • Allow a member of our team to visually audit waste at a current project.

Home builders interested in participating in the study should contact Aaron Bouwkamp at or by calling 616.422.7963.


Q. Where does my project have to be? 

A. Anywhere within 1 hour drive of Kent County

Q. I don’t want to share this with the public, will it be?

A. NO – all of this information is private and we are just adding it up into one large study. You can even go so far to keep your name off of the published study. BUT if you want the community to know you are participating, we will help get the word out!

Q. Will you share the results with me?


Q. What are you doing with this information?

A. The County is trying to come up with creative ways to reduce trash in the county and re use it. Our goal is to study the WM residential construction industry and come up with ideas to help you reduce trash costs and divert waste from the landfill.