Introducing Certified Green Lab

Certified Green Lab provides a benchmark for sustainability efforts and a pathway to recognition. Built upon the Michigan Green Labs Initiative Self-Assessment, participating labs are awarded points for successfully adopting and verifying sustainable laboratory practices, and setting goals for improvement.  The assessment includes a survey checklist, process and materials inventory, and a goal-setting exercise, plus up to 10 hours of assistance from WMSBF fellows in identifying resources and strategies for addressing problem areas.

All labs that complete the assessment and set improvement goals will be recognized as a Certified Green Lab for one year. Labs must demonstrate minimal effort toward improvement goals to maintain certification.  Honorees will receive a certificate and a window sticker.  Interested labs will also be recognized in a news release.

Download the Green Labs Self Assessment Here

Self-Serve Resource Response for Green Labs Self Assessment Questions

Green Labs Resource Guide

WMSBF Green Labs Resource Guide

Michigan Green Labs Initiative Green Labs Coordinator Packet

Green Labs Coordinator Packet (PDF)

  • MGLI Program Description (Word)
  • MGLI Partner Sign-up Form (Word)
  • How to Start a Green Labs Program (Word)
  • Program Summary for Distribution to Labs (Word)
  • How to Certify Green Labs (Word)
  • Partner Inventory Form (Word)
  • Results Measurement and Reporting Form (Word)
  • U of M Sustainable Labs Case Study (Word)

Michigan Green Lab Initiative Lab Assessment Packet

Lab Assessment Packet (PDF)

  • Program Summary (Word)
  • Self-Assessment Process Overview(Word)
  • Self-Assessment Form (Word)
  • Green Labs Resources and References (Word)
  • Lab Inventory Tables (Word)
  • Performance Measurement and Tracking Form (Word)