Committee Members:

Eliott Copier – Ferris State University;
Gayle DeBruyn – Lake Affect Design;
Jennifer Wammack – IDa Design;
Lee Davis – Lake Affect Design;
Matt VanSweden – Integrated Architecture;
Mike Stemo – Market Technologies;
Tom Newhouse – Thomas J. Newhouse-Design
Jack Cichy – Davenport University;


The mission of the Sustainable Design Committee is to encourage the talents and resources of West Michigan Sustainable Business Forum members; to practice the principles of sustainable design; and to communicate its strategic value to our membership and the broader community.


The Design Team has a multi-fold objective:  1) highlight sustainable activities for member companies (products, processes & services); 2) create linkages with local colleges (Kendall, Grand Valley State University, Aquinas, and Grand Rapids Community College) who have sustainability programs; 3) increase Forum membership (students, businesses, institutions).

Our methodology involves defining the WMSBF member company’s sustainability activity through a collaborative project that engages students in the creation an educational white paper and video.  Both the video and white paper are published to the SBF web site. In addition, the video will be published to the WMSBF You Tube site.  The video is made available to the participating companies for their distribution.

If you have interest in this program, please contact a Sustainable Design Committee member.


GRCC Secchia Institute for Culinary Education Waste Food Composting

West Michigan Sustainable Business Forum showcases The Haworth Member Garden, an organic garden designed to be shared with the community and encourage growth.

The Haworth Member Garden White Paper

Lee Davis’ Kendall students, in cooperation with the West Michigan Sustainable Business forum, review materials taken from a site sustain-ably deconstructed by GRCC’s Building Trades students and determine how they can be incorporated into a new home design for Habitat for Humanity.

Interior Design Repurposing White Paper

Cascade Engineering, Thomas Newhouse, Broadview Product Development and Herman Miller collaborate through the West Michigan Sustainable Business Forum to develop a sustainable desk lamp.

WMSBF Flute Light White Paper

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