As adopted by board resolution April 27, 2015

Part 1. Collaborating with the Public Sector

West Michigan Sustainable Business Forum is a supporter of public-private partnerships that provide shared capacity or resources for sustainability initiatives, or that increase community sustainability. From time to time the forum may take an active role in the creation of such partnerships, either as facilitator or supporter. Guiding principles are outlined in the forum bylaws.

Part 2. A No-Position Position

West Michigan Sustainable Business Forum will take no formal position on laws or proposed laws at any level of government, with the exception of those intended to enable public-private partnerships. The forum will not ask its members to support/take action on any laws or proposals, with exceptions noted, but will provide reasonable access for member advocacy groups to meet interested businesses. It will also provide opportunities for education on such issues.

WMSBF believes that members have ample opportunity to participate in political advocacy or activism through other groups that exist primarily for that purpose, such as League of Conservation Voters or the Chamber of Commerce.

Part 3. Non-Solicitation

The forum will only conduct fundraising/charitable solicitation on behalf of its programs. It will not provide any support to the fundraising efforts of other non-profit groups.  However, interested non-profits are welcome to take full advantage of WMSBF membership, sponsorships and networking events.