sara-summer-2011-e1455916827165.pngSara Meyer, Project Manager, Environmental Resources Management

Sara Meyer is an environmental consultant with Environmental Resources Management, where she specializes in assisting companies to achieve and maintain compliance with environmental regulations, including Storm Water, Wastewater, and Air regulations. She regularly conducts site audits and works closely with her clients to help their companies have the smallest possible environmental footprint. Ms. Meyer has a Chemistry degree from Grand Valley State University, and two major publications relating to the PCB research she conducted while attending GVSU and working at Annis Water Resources Institute. Ms. Meyer enjoys sharing her work experience with students at City High/Middle School via Junior Achievement, and is also a member of WM-AWMA. Sara’s work with WMSBF includes chairing the Tools & Resources Committee, which conducted a 2-year MDEQ grant for Sustainability Assessment tracking improvement among members and recently brought to completion work on Climate Resiliency, a very important topic for our region; this project included working with a number of area organizations outside of WMSBF.

Sara has been a WMSBF Board member since 2013, and is currently serving as the WMSBF Board of Directors President.