Krista Badiane, Director, Flag Communications (1st Term)krista_badiane.jpg

Krista Badiane, Ph.D. is Director at Flag Communications specializing in sustainability communications and strategy. She has 10 years of experience working in the business and nonprofit sectors on sustainability strategy and reporting. Krista joined Ford Motor Company in 2002 and served as manager, Sustainable Business Strategies. In this role, she was primarily responsible for producing Ford’s award-winning Sustainability Report and coordinating the company’s socially responsible investing strategy. Krista has also worked through BuzzWord with the National Environmental Education Foundation developing the Business & Environment program. In this role, she wrote a series of reports on employee engagement best practices and developed a webinar series that facilitated company networking on the topic.

Krista received a BA and BS in Anthropology and Environmental Policy from the University of Michigan. She completed her Masters of Environmental Management at Duke University and graduated with highest honors. She studied in London, England and Dakar, Senegal as well as Pretoria, South Africa and is proficient in French. Krista holds a Ph.D. from the University of Michigan with a focus on sustainable business.