Alice Jasper, Associate Program Director, Lakeshore Ethnic Diversity Alliance (1st Term)

alice Jasper imge.png

Community advocate, nature lover and science fiction enthusiast, Alice Jasper hails from Brooklyn, New York. Pursuing a somewhat dramatic change of scenery, Alice moved to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula where she attended Northern Michigan University and earned a Bachelor’s degree in English.  Following graduation, Alice moved to Grand Rapids in 2012, where she worked as an Agriculture Program Specialist for the Grand Rapids YMCA Community Outreach Department.

In 2016, Alice began working as Director of Sustainability at the Gilmore Collection where she designed and established a department to foster social and environmental advocacy based on her understanding that community engagement is critical to a successful model of sustainability. Using the department as the spearhead, Alice effected organizational policy changes and implemented programs based on a Triple Bottom Line framework.

Alice now works with Lakeshore Ethnic Diversity Alliance where she integrates equity related research and her passion for community engagement with consulting strategies designed to dismantle systemic racial barriers. In her free time, Alice enjoys hikes with her dog Sou-Lou, attending art shows and concerts with friends and re-watching episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation.