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WMSBF to Honor Cascade Engineering with Social Responsibility Leadership Award

West Michigan Sustainable Business Forum will recognize Cascade Engineering with the inaugural Social Responsibility Leadership Award on Wednesday, October 25 at the Grand Rapids Ballet’s Peter M. Wege Theatre.

The Social Responsibility Leadership Award honors an organization for successful efforts to promote corporate social responsibility, equity, empowerment and justice within its operations and the communities it serves. It is one three new awards WMSBF has created as part of its annual Sustainable Business of the Year Awards. The selection committee evaluates critera such as leadership and employe engagement, policies and practices, and community collaborations and relationships.

Some of Cascade Engineering’s many program highlights include:

  • Diversity Statement
  • Diversity Calendar produced yearly with letter from CEO to Employees
  • Triple Bottom Line annual reports since 2003 (available online)
  • Leaders’ Forum address an anti-racism component annually
  • Orientation that includes Diversity, Inclusion and the CE Culture
  • Mandatory Diversity Training (Awareness, Diversity Theatre, Institute for Healing Racism)
  • Diversity Coordinating Council
  • Employee Opinion Survey
  • Diversity Perception Survey
  • Voluntary Affirmative Action Plan
  • Strategic goals and tracking for diversity
  • Taste of Cultural Heritage
  • Dialogue Training
  • Internal “Office of the President” award on Social Capital/Diversity
  • Recruitment Policy identifying minority recruiting sources
  • Move the Box and Re-entry Hiring Policy (ex-felony)
  • Welfare to Career Hiring Policy (low income)
  • Career Development for all
  • Tuition Reimbursement and Davenport Match for all
  • Partnership with DHS and The Source (eliminating barriers)
  • Financial Management Class
  • Zero Tolerance Harassment Policy
  • Internal Opportunity for Advancement Before Opening to Public
  • Anti-Racism Events – Free tickets (Jim Crow Traveling Museum, Traces of the Trade Movie, The Help)
  • Monthly Reward and Recognition on Diversity
  • Cascade Community Connections (grants for employee volunteering)
  • Exit Interview Questions relating to inclusion
  • Diversity Pen Pals
  • Young Professionals of Color Annual Conference
  • Supplier Performance Measurements (Scorecard includes diversity component)
    Host Facing Racism 2 day Workshop