Event Review

February Meeting: West Michigan Climate Resiliency

West Michigan Sustainable Business Forum presented on climate resilience in West Michigan during the monthly membership meeting on Monday, February 13 at the Grand Rapids Public Library.

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Photos of the event can be found on our Facebook page.

Dan Schoonmaker of WMSBF & Danny McGee of Sustainable Research Group introduced their recent work on climate resiliency with local organizations as part of the Climate Resiliency Framework Initiative. A partnership with the Great Lakes Integrated Sciences and Assessments Program, the project is developing resources for organizations to conduct vulnerability assessments informed by predicted industry impacts and localized historical climate data and projections, and to establish systems to monitor and respond to identified threats and opportunities.

Featured speaker Jeff Andresen, the principal investigator for the Great Lakes Sciences and Assessments Program which is funding the WMSBF project, discussed climate change in the Great Lakes and West Michigan, and why communities and organizations should consider adaptation within their response to climate change and environmental programs.


Thank you again to the Grand Rapids Public Library for hosting and the Great Lakes Integrated Sciences & Assessments Center for sponsoring this month’s meeting.