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Sustainable Partners LLC selected as Newsmaker of the Year


WMSBF’s Forum Member Sustainable Partners (Spart) was honored on January 27 at Meijer Gardens, GRBJ recognized 52 Newsmaker of the Year nominees in 16 categories. Sustainable Partners (Spart) was recognized as Newsmaker of the Year in the Sustainability Category for our work with anaerobic digestion in west Michigan.

Greg Northrup and Pam Landes of Spart developed Lowell Energy AD (LEAD) an 800kW waste-to-energy plant in Lowell Michigan. LEAD uses manure and food waste, including liquid waste from Litehouse Foods, a manufacturer of salad dressings located in Lowell, to create methane gas to fuel a combined heat and power engine. To date, the facility has generated more than 1.8 million kilowatt hours of electricity and diverted more than 1.2 million gallons of fats, oils and greases from landfills. The energy off-take client for the project is Lowell Light and Power, a municipal electric utility. The project generates renewable energy credits which apply to Lowell Light and Power’s Renewable Portfolio Standard.

The Newsmaker recognition comes while Spart is busily engaged in feasibility studies for a number of distributive energy projects—both biogas fired and natural gas fired—in the food processing, medical and manufacturing sectors. Distributive energy projects present sophisticated options to substantially reduce cost for electrical and thermal energy and to improve reliability all at minimal risk, if properly contracted.