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Consumers Energy’s newest program ─ Solar Gardens

CE Solar Gardens

Consumers Energy’s newest program ─ Solar Gardens ─ is now open for enrollment, allowing customers to subscribe to clean, renewable solar energy without the hassle of installing or maintaining equipment at home….no rooftop required!

The company is building at least two Solar Gardens within our Michigan service territory, one at Grand Valley State University and another at Western Michigan University. A Solar Garden is a large solar installation that the company will own, operate and maintain. Any full-service electric customer is eligible to subscribe to the Program, which will offset carbon emissions and help keep Michigan clean for future generations.

Under the Program, participants are able to choose the amount of solar energy they support by electing a number of ½ kilowatt “SolarBlocks” ─ up to 100 percent of their annual energy use. This solar option comes with flexible subscription levels and payment plans, and participants receive a bill credit for the amount of solar energy actually produced based upon their subscription level.

With this Program, the company and its customers are taking steps to care for our environment and build a sustainable energy future for our state. Solar Gardens will help Michigan stay green for generations, ensuring our children and grandchildren can experience the same Pure Michigan we’ve had the pleasure of living in.

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