Event Review

Lean & Green Michigan Presentation

At the December meeting Andy Levin of Levin Energy Partners and Lean & Green Michigan who will talk about his firm’s work to develop PACE financing in Michigan. PACE financing allows longer payback periods with lower annual amortization and better terms, making many energy projects financeable that otherwise would not be. A PACE district allows a property owner to use the property tax mechanism to finance energy improvements. The property owner voluntarily takes on a Special Assessment, which it pays off as part of its property tax bill. A fundamentally different arrangement than a traditional bank loan, Levin believes the financing package can transform an energy efficiency or renewable project from an engineer’s great idea that a company CFO will not approve into a clear bottom line winner for the company.

Levin has been an innovator and leader in state and federal energy, workforce and labor policy and practice for many years. Throughout his career, Levin has created new organizations, initiatives and programs that have had transformative effects on companies, nonprofits, unions, and thousands of individuals’ lives.  He was previously leader of the Michigan Department of Energy, Labor & Economic Growth (DELEG), an organization with a one-and-a-half billion dollar budget and over 4,000 employees that combined functions of an Energy Department, a Labor Department, and a Commerce Department.

View his presentation here: Lean and Green Michigan West MI Sustainable Biz Forum 2014-12-08 (1)