WMSBF January: Energy Efficiency Funds at Calvin and Spectrum Health

West Michigan Sustainable Business Forum will present a luncheon on energy efficiency and internal green revolving funds at its next monthly on Monday, January 12 at the Prince Conference Center at Calvin College.

Becoming more energy efficient can be very challenging due to high capital costs, and few organizations are structured internally to create the right incentives. Furthermore, energy cost savings are often “lost” in the budget, so no one gets credit for the good work. Green Revolving Funds (GRFs) provide financial resources, create the right incentives, and provide a way to publicize and promote energy efficiency to the public and potential donors.

Calvin College Professor Matthew Heun has successfully implemented a GRF called the Calvin Energy Recovery Fund (CERF) that has saved $71,000 in energy costs to date. In addition, it attracts sustainability-minded donors and leads to favorable publicity for the college. Dr. Heun will discuss Calvin’s experience with CERF and factors that make GRFs successful.

Representatives from Spectrum Health Systems will discuss the organization’s experience with GRFs and share its best practices for efficiency investment and improvement. Sustainability Coordinator Sarah Chartier and Energy Coordinator Jim Karas will present.

This month’s meeting sponsored by Consumers Energy.

Learn more and register here.