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Rapid Green Group Expands, Rebrands

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What started as a shredding company has now evolved into Rapid Green Group, a waste management company offering shredding, refuse, medical waste and recycling services – all from one source.

In business since 1999, Rapid Shred has rebranded to Rapid Green Group, a name that better encompasses its goal of being a single-stream waste management solution. The core of its business is customer service, said Josh Miller, program manager for Rapid Green Group. Listening to customers and striving to meet their needs has given the business the impetus to add new business units over the years.

Offering recycling, shredding, refuse collection, and – new this summer – medical waste sets the Rapid Green Group apart.

“We are also focused on providing our clients with detailed metrics for their sustainability reporting requirements, maximizing container utilization and providing transparency with our processes,” he said. “Providing excellent customer service has been the driving factor to our company’s sustained growth.”

Miller expects the growth to continue with the formation of Rapid Green Group. Long term, the company plans to continue servicing existing clients and researching their additional needs.

“We have an extremely loyal client base,” said Scott Dennis, owner of the Rapid Green Group and founder of Rapid Shred. “By understanding their needs and continually being open to new service offerings, we anticipate continued long-term growth”.

The company has also developed a consulting division, e3 Solutions, which offers sustainability assessment and implementation services that help organizations build a business case for sustainability.

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