WMSBF Seeks Interns for Winter-Spring 2015

WMSBF is seeking up to three interns to support key projects and initiatives in early 2015.  All interns are paid, either by hourly wage or by stipend.

The Solid Waste & Recycling Research Intern will work with WMSBF member companies and contractors on projects to promote recycling and composting initiatives in the region and state, including the Michigan MSW Characterization and Value Study, a project funded by the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality to determine the value of recyclable and compostable materials currently being disposed of in Michigan landfills and incinerators.  Intern will have the opportunity to work with leading recycling and composting firms, top-level consultants, regulators and academic partners.  Some field work may be included.  Intern will have primary responsibility for value-added research topics to be included in the report focused on composting, single-stream recycling and electronic waste.

Solid Waste & Recycling Research Intern

The Green Labs Intern will work with West Michigan organizations to adopt the Michigan Green Labs Initiative protocols, identify resources to assist in lab sustainability efforts, and develop a Certified Green Lab marketing and publicity claim.  Intern will spend approximately half of his or her time working directly with the region’s leading testing lab on a pilot case for the MGLI program in the corporate sector.   Intern will have the opportunity to work with local corporations, municipalities, consultants, and schools that can integrate a green labs program into existing sustainability efforts, as well as the International Institute for Sustainable Laboratories, the forum’s national partner.

WMSBF Green Labs Intern

The Food Systems Intern will work with WMSBF member companies and partners on projects to promote local and sustainable food purchasing in West Michigan, corporate farms and gardens, and other food systems initiatives to be determined.  Intern will have the opportunity to work with leading companies and advocates for sustainable food systems in West Michigan.  Much of the work will be focused on the development of a half-day workshop for local food service purchasers.

WMSBF Food Systems Intern