West Michigan Clean Air Action Program Seeks Local Business Partnerships

The Clean Air Action program, which was known as the Ozone Action! Program until 2009, declares Action Days when air pollution is expected to reach or exceed levels where people who are sensitive to it, such as children, the elderly, and anyone with heart or lung disease or who is active outdoors, might start to experience symptoms.

On those days, the public is encouraged to take part in voluntary emission reduction activities in order to reduce air pollution and protect public health and the environment. According to the last public survey, which judged the program’s effectiveness, just over 88% of the respondents were aware, or somewhat aware, of Action Days, with 81% stating that they participated on at least some of the Action Days.

While these numbers are encouraging, the West Michigan Clean Air Coalition (WMCAC), which oversees the Clean Air Action program and works to achieve cleaner air in the region through the education and promotion of voluntary emission reduction activities, is always looking for additional opportunities to inform the public about the program. That’s where you come in.

The Coalition is reaching out to local businesses hoping that companies will partner with it in any of the following ways:

  • Signing up to receive Action Day notifications and forwarding them on to your employees
  • Sending a representative to serve on the West Michigan Clean Air Coalition to help provide program guidance from a business perspective (meetings are quarterly)
  • Agreeing to host the Clean Air Action table-top display for a week at your location (the display comes with a number of promotional “freebies” that can be given away to employees)
  • Or by allowing WMCAC members to staff a booth at company events, including lunch and learns, etc.

These partnership opportunities are free, and if you’re interested, please contact Andrea Faber by phone at (616) 776-7603 or email at andrea.faber@gvmc.org.  

For more information about the West Michigan Clean Air Coalition and Clean Air Action Days, please visit http://www.wmcac.org.