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Member Solar Winds Powers Up Funeral Home

WMSBF member Solar Winds Power Systems LLC as a unique case study in its recent installation of a 208-panel, 52-kilowatt photovoltaic solar system on the roof of a St. Joseph funeral home, Starks Family Funeral Homes & Cremation Services LLC.

The array is sized to generate more than 50 percent of the electricity used by the company over the year, although it will likely generate more than the building uses in the summer, sources said. The energy produced by the system will result in solar production credits being applied directly to Starks’ electrical bills. Visitors can monitor the amount of solar energy being produced via a display in the funeral home’s lobby.

The installation, which was completed earlier this year, is likely the first of its kind in the Midwest for a funeral home, said Mike Linsea, president of the family-owned Shelbyville-based Solar Winds Power Systems.

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