Deadline for 101 Best and Brightest Sustainable Companies in MI Approaching-Apply Now!

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Is your organization one of the top sustainability leaders in Michigan? The 101 Best and Brightest Sustainable Companies celebrates organizations that inspire and produce green technology to impact the industry and environment. This is the premier awards symposium that celebrates those companies that are making their businesses more sustainable, the lives of their employees better and the community, locally and globally, more responsible as a whole.

WMSBF members have until Wednesday, July 30th to complete the brief surveys to be considered for the prestigious award. The surveys are available online at the 101 Best and Brightest website and should only take ten minutes to complete.

Winners will be invited to the 101 Best and Brightest Sustainable Companies gala and awards ceremony, an ideal networking environment for sustainability professionals. Ongoing benefits of the award include additional opportunities to spread the word about your efforts and professional educational opportunities for sustainably-minded employees at your company.

Past winners of the award have said that being included among the 101 Best and Brightest Sustainable Companies has impacted their businesses in very positive ways.

“We have learned through our experience that not only does it make us feel good, it affects our bottom line and everyone benefits,” said John Bul of Webasto Roof Systems Inc in a post-award ceremony interview.

For Dave Barrett of Cascade Engineering, the impact stretches to employees and the local business community, as well. “It builds tremendous employee pride,” he said at the 2012 award ceremony. “Employees love to see their company’s name in the paper or on the news. That’s the primary reason—it builds tremendous employee pride.”

“But it also confirms that what we’ve been working on for so many years is now starting to become more mainstream, and the award is just the way to reconfirm we’re on the right track,” he continued.

The award is presented by WMSBF member Corp! Magazine, as well as the Grand Rapids Business Journal and DMStrategists. For additional information, interested organizations can contact 101 Best and Brightest at 866.321.1822.

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