Free Online Global Energy Market Seminar on July 31

For sustainability professionals interested in learning how global energy markets will impact their businesses, the Sustainable Manufacturer Network will be offering an online class on July 31 at 10:30 am. The complimentary presentation will include:

  • Information and summaries on the global oil, gas, and nuclear markets.
  • How changes in supply and demand will impact our nation, your region, and your business.
  • A review of the past ten years with details from the first six months of 2014 to provide a foundation for what to expect in the near and medium future of energy prices.
  • Suggestions for minimizing increases along with “green” options.

Presenters will include Dan Forgacs, Strategic Operations Manager for APPI Energy and Jeff Sherman, Director of Consulting at APPI Energy. Forgacs, with 12 years of experience in deregulated energy markets, provides energy supply contract review, electricity market tracking, energy usage analysis, and price discovery development and review. He also creates custom solutions for energy procurement strategies. Sherman is responsible for managing and training APPI’s team of consultants, and also works directly with member businesses, specializing in manufacturing and healthcare.

To register for the class, please click here.

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