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Welcome New Member: Rapid Shred

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Established in 1999, Rapid Shred has matured into Western Michigan’s premier document destruction company.

Rapid Shred provides off-site (plant-based) and on-site (mobile) shredding, micro media pulverization and hard drive destruction. In addition to paper shredding capabilities, Rapid Shred can securely destroy and dispose of all types of plastic and metal media such as off specification product, old computer media, microfilm and x-rays.

In 2008, Rapid Shred developed a single stream recycling facility. Operating as Rapid Recycling, this facility allows customers to co-mingle all recyclable materials into a single collection container. Rapid Recycling accepts a broad spectrum of recyclable products including cardboard, paper, plastics, metal, glass, Styrofoam and blue surgical wrap.

Rapid Shred works with customers to develop recycling solutions that reduce materials being sent to landfills and/or incinerators. Rapid Shred recycles all shredded paper. All material sorted through its single-stream recycling center is recycled by Rapid Recycling.

To contact Rapid Shred, please check its WMSBF member page, here.  

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