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Welcome New Member: Michigan League of Conservation Voters Education Fund

The Michigan League of Conservation Voters Education Fund (Michigan LCV Education Fund) promotes a healthy and vital Michigan by preserving and protecting our air, land, and water through public education and civic engagement. Our role is to mobilize connections among environmental and other organizations (local, state, and national), key decision-makers, and everyday citizens. Michigan LCV Education Fund has a successful track record in leading public education and engagement campaigns across the state, including Kent County, as well as extensive expertise in farmland and open space preservation efforts.

From the Great Lakes to the hundreds of inland lakes and streams lakes, our natural resources define life in Michigan. Michigan League of Conservation Voters Education Fund is dedicated to providing you with the information and tools you need to protect Michigan’s land, air, and water for future generations. We use personal stories and state-of-the-art information tools to make complex issues understandable, empowering every Michigander to convey the state’s most pressing environmental issues to key decision-makers and elected officials.

Michigan LCV Education Fund’s environmental priorities focus on land, air, and water. Sustainability, in numerous facets, plays a crucial role in the protection and promotion of our environment. Michigan LCV Education Fund works with clean energy businesses in West Michigan to educate decision-makers and the public about the importance of renewable energy and energy efficiency to a sustainable future and a green economy.

In August 2013, Michigan LCV Education Fund organized a clean energy bus tour that brought together a host of non-traditional, center-right allies (including several Republican State Representatives from the West Michigan region) and featured local businesses that are experiencing growth in renewable and efficiency markets.

Michigan LCV Education Fund is dedicated to working with contractors and business leaders in the energy efficiency sector in Michigan.  In recent efforts, the Michigan LCV Education Fund has:

  • Engaged businesses located in Southeast Michigan for a gubernatorial sign-on-letter in fall of 2012.
  • More recently, coordinated with 21 contractors and businesses from across the state, with special emphasis on west and northern Michigan, to send over 50 letters to their State House and Senate members about the benefits of energy optimization and the need for leadership supporting pragmatic policy.
  • Co-hosted a legislative lunch at the State Capitol in November 2013 featuring speakers from Michigan Energy Efficiency Contractors Association and Consumers Energy. A bicameral, bipartisan attendance drew 31 legislators, with 34 offices represented. There were 17 business representatives and 10 organizations on hand to talk about energy efficiency as a Michigan-made resource.

For more information on or to contact the Michigan League of Conservation Voters Education Fund, please visit their WMSBF Member Page, here.  

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